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The reason to hire your CPA firm as your bookeeper is simple.  In the end it's cheaper.  When we get your accounting records we have to review everything at the end of the year to make sure it was done correctly.  We've gotten too many accounting records that were wrong or simply ficticious from outside services or from family members who are the "bookkeeper."  We will look at an inventory number and say where did that come from?  Most of the time it doesn't even reconcile.  We see over and over where the recording of expenses is simply incorrect, or a lack of understanding of how the numbers flows through your financial statements means your financials make no sense to the trained eye.

Letting your CPA do your bookkeeping in-house saves you money in the long run because the review process is simple.  Since it is done in house we can review it through out the year.  If we see any potential issues we can address them immediately.  Doing your bookkeeping through out the year lets us see if there are any potential tax traps before they can become a problem.  When you hire an outside bookkeeper what typically happens is we then get your records in January or February which is always too late to make necessary recomendations or adjustments that in the end may cost you in additional tax dollars.  Simply put letting your CPA be your bookkeeper allows us to better plan for year end taxes and to make the best financial decisions for your company.  This gives you a better result and allows us to maximize the tax laws and any financing your company may need.

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