If you are not paying your financial advisor then who is? 

Is your best interest really being served?  

Get a free portfolio analysis.

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  • We offer portfolio analysis to see if you are in the best investment vehicles for the lowest fees per your individual goals.

  • We make sure you are fully diversified based on the current market environment and your own personal financial situation.

  • Stocks, Bonds, Index Funds, Precious Metals, Commodities, Life Insurance, Real Estate and Estate Planning.

These investment services are provided to you for a flat fee.  The way it should be.  After all, if you're not paying your financial advisor then who is?  Think about the answer to that question very carefully.  If you never cut a check to your investment manager then is he or she really working for you?  Do they have your best interests in mind?  Do they just stick you in a bunch of mutual funds and forget about you?  That's not and financial advisor thats a mutual fund salesman.  

High fees and poor investment vehicles could end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time you retire.

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