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Individual Tax Preparation Services

Filing your personal taxes at Accetturo Advisors is easy whether you live in Providence, RI or not.  You can drop off your tax information, we can come pick it up or you can scan the documents using your smart phone or computer and upload them to our encrypted and secure client portal.  Your tax returns will be prepared or reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant.  Today's tax laws are complicated.  The tax code grows every day.  Unfortunately our legislators feel the need to constantly add more and more complexity to our tax code.  Fortunately there is someone here to help you.


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Business Tax Preparation Services

Unfortunately business taxes are even more complex than individual taxes.  There are special tax laws and tax credits for everything and for every industry.  Each accounting decision you make affects how you need to report things on your business income tax return.  Not knowing your accounting standards can make the difference between a correct and incorrect tax return.  


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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and bookkeeping provide the fundamentals of how your business will be taxed and how your company is performing financially.  Unfortunately anyone can call themselves an accountant, a bookkeeper or a tax preparer.  In most cases no prior education or formal training is even required.  This is why it is so important to hire a professional.  Because accounting, bookkeeping and taxation are all dependant upon one an other, if just one of these things are done incorrectly then everything else will also be wrong.  We take the time to make sure your bookkeeping and accounting are done correctly and in a manner optimized for your needs and situation.  We offer on premise visits as well as cloud accounting and bookkeeping solutions.  So whether your company is located in Johnston, RI, Cranston, RI, Warwick, RI, Boston, MA or West Palm Beach, FL we can provide your company with the support services it needs.


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Payroll Service and Payroll Taxes

Accetturo Advisors offers simple cloud based payroll solutions for your company.  We can service your corporate payroll whether your company is based in Florida, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusettes, Texas, Colorado or all of the above.  At this point most states accept electonic payments for all tax filing requirements.  This makes the use of online payroll software the most efficient and cost effective way to provide you with payroll services.  Imagine a payroll solution so simple that all you needed to do was log in on a Monday morning, type in the hours and your payroll would be done.  Our payroll can be performed on any Android, Apple or Windows based devices.


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