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The IRS does not Call or Email you!  If you get a letter, call or email from the IRS please alert us and we will address it's authenticity for you.

The IRS does not start accepting E-Filed Tax returns until January 23rd.  

In addition, corporations do not need to mail to your tax forms until January 31st.  

We kindly request that you wait until February 15th to bring in or upload your tax forms.

Individual Tax

Individual Tax Preparation Services

Filing your personal taxes at Accetturo Advisors is easy whether you live in Providence, RI or not.  You can drop off your tax information, we can come pick it up or you can scan the documents using your smart phone or computer and upload them to our encrypted and secure client portal.  Your tax returns will be prepared or reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant.  Today's tax laws are complicated.  The tax code grows every day.  Unfortunately our legislators feel the need to constantly add more and more complexity to our tax code.  Fortunately there is someone here to help you.


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